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Proud owners of our very own 12,000+ square foot building including:  2 training floors; state of the art training mats and equipment; a third training room for private lessons; black belt lounge; weight room; kiddie play room for your toddlers while you do class or cardio or watch your other children train; separate changing rooms; pro shop; snack counter; and more!

World Class Institute of Martial Arts

For information on SUPERKid Karate, or to register for a class or STRANGER DANGER session, go to www.superkidkarate.com

31843 Eight Mile
Livonia, MI  48152



"Honor - Pride - Respect - Confidence"

Come join one of the largest, most premiere Martial Arts schools in the state!


What type of karate do we teach?  

Our base martial art is rooted in the traditional Korean art of Tang Soo Do.  In addition, we have incorporated self defense applications and weapons techniques from several other martial art styles to provide you with a well-rounded curriculum.  In addition to traditional Tang Soo Do self defense, you will learn locks, pressure points, ground defense and more!  Train in all weapons too, if desired!  Try an introductory program to get started and don't forget to ask about our program guarantees!

Check out our programs for:

Cardio Kickboxing http://worldclassima.com/programs/serv07.htm

Tiny Tigers (3-5 yrs) http://worldclassima.com/programs/introclasses.htm

SUPERkid Karate (5 & up) http://www.superkidkarate.com

Karate for Families http://worldclassima.com/programs/serv01.htm

All Day Summer Camp http://worldclassima.com/programs/serv05.htm

Karate Kid Birthday Parties http://worldclassima.com/programs/serv06.htm

and more....go to "Programs & Services" for details.

*NOTE*   Polarity Therapy  John Bodary, MA, RPP founded the Polarity Center in 1987, has trained hundreds of Practitioners, & is headquartered here at our school!  Call 313-584-3547 for classes/treatment. Or go to http://www.polaritycenter.com/founder.html for more information.

What is Tang Soo Do?  

Tang Soo Do is one of the most popular of Korean martial arts, practiced by hundreds of thousands around the world. Based on foot-fighting and empty-hand techniques that are both hard and soft, offensive and defensive, passive and active in nature, Tang Soo Do is a classical martial art that is steeped in tradition and the military spirit. Much of the technique is based on a clinical, scientific study of the principles involved and unique only to this style.

Tang Soo Do was created with the purpose to develop every aspect of our self, in order to create a mature personality that totally integrates intellect, body, emotions, and spirit. This total integration helps to create a person who is free from inner conflict and who can deal with the outside world in a mature, intelligent, forthright, and virtuous manner. Training within this philosophy, and utilizing the structured and systematic techniques developed under this style, Men, Women, and Children quickly develop beyond expectation both physically and mentally. Tang Soo Do teaches you or your child that through consistent training, you can achieve the highest state of physical and mental perfection possible, to be the best you can be! Train individually or together as a family.

Imagine receiving your BLACK BELT with your CHILD!

Who Benefits from Tang Soo Do?


Tang Soo Do is truly a martial art for all people. Men, Women, and Children are all encouraged to join individually or together as a family for the greatest experience in self-improvement. With the many benefits including physical fitness and stress reduction, Adults immediately experience the sense of balance and calm required to achieve a happy physical and mental state. At the same time, Children and Teenagers begin to develop the qualities and character strengths necessary to excel in today's competitive and complex world.


A Special Message to Parents

Professionals, physicians, and law enforcement agents all agree - Martial Arts will help your child become the best they can be! One of the hardest tasks parents face is helping children attain the power of confidence and self-esteem. Tang Soo Do helps build those necessary strengths, as well as the added skills of leadership and self-defense, at an early age. With the peer pressure our young people face in today's society wrought with drugs, crime, and mediocrity of achievement, you understand how this could be a priceless gift to those you love. You can give that gift of physical, emotional, and inner strength through our programs at World Class Institute of Martial Arts. We are pleased and honored to guide our students, your children, in the art of Tang Soo Do. And no school is better equipped or more highly certified to do so!

Empower your child with the tools for success!


Why World Class Institute of Martial Arts?


Because we are RAISING THE BAR!

Karate is our life!  We teach full-time and operate one of the largest schools in the state.  This type of growth and success is earned through referrals and word-of-mouth praise from happy students and parents.  We offer benefits like no one else including huge family black belt program discounts, low cardio kickboxing prices, FREE demo team membership, FREE use of our weight room if any member of your family is in our Black Belt Elite program; Qigong, Polarity, Summer Camp, Weapons classes, special Black Belt Lounge and more...all in a state of the art 12,000+ square foot building; 

In addition, at World Class IMA, our black belts and instructors are professionally accredited and continuously improve their own skills through weekly training with their Grandmaster instructor.  (See World Class Federation of Martial Arts).  Grandmaster Pitcher also trains regularly with various local Masters and Grand Masters so that we may offer you the best martial arts instruction anywhere!You can be proud to know that our black belts and instructors are constantly improving themselves for you! 

Vision statement:

To provide the means for each student to achieve a happy, fulfilled life both in the martial arts and as a human being by teaching honor, pride, respect, confidence, self discipline, physical fitness and self defense in a structured, professional, family-friendly environment; To teach our students the skills necessary to protect their self and others; To empower our students by providing them with valuable skills including patience, focus, non-violent conflict resolution, self-esteem, goal-setting abilities, and anger management skills, to improve their everyday life and that of our community; To guide our students to success by providing them with positive role models and peers; and To contribute to our community by making it a better place to live through our philanthropic activities.

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Contact Information:
General Email: worldclassima@mi.rr.com
Address:  31839-31845 Eight Mile at Parker Street (between Farmington and Merriman/Orchard Lake).  Livonia, MI 
                (on the borderline of Farmington, MI and Livonia, MI).  Address on front is 31839; Mapquest recognizes 31845.
          ZIP:  48152
Phone:  248-478-1088