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  • The Korean spellings have been Romanized for help in pronunciation
    Formal Greetings:
    Ahn Yung – General Greeting
    Ahn Yung Ha Se Yo – How are you?
    Ahn Yung He Ke Se Yo – Good Bye!

    Thank You / You’re Welcome:
    Chun Man Ae Yo – You’re welcome
    Ko Mahp Sum Ni Da – Thank You  
    Ahn Eso Phaku Ro – Inside / Outside
    Ahp – Front
    Chon Kyung – Respect
    Choong Dan – Middle
    Chung Shim – Balance
    Chung Shin Tong Il – Concentration
    Dee – Belt
    Doe Bohwk – Uniform
    Doe Jung – Training Hall or Gym
    Dwee – Back
    Kee Cho – Basic
    Ha Dahn – Low
    Hyung – Form or Pattern
    In Neh – Endurance
    Khup Soh – Pressure points
    Ki Hap – Yell / focus of energy
    Kyuk Pa – Breaking
    Kyum Son – Humility
    Muk Nyum – Meditation
    Nae Kong – Internal power
    Oh Ryn Jok – Right
    Phakeso Ahn Uro – Outside / Inside
    Sang Dahn – High
    Set Ban Kyuk Pa – 3- Station Break
    Shi Son – Focus of eyes
    Shim Kong – Spiritual power
    Ssang Soo – Double (as in double fisted)
    Weh Kong – External power
    Wen Jok – Left
    Yup – Side
    COUNTING one through….   and first through…
    Hana – one  / Il – first
    Tul  – two / Ee – second
    Set – three / Sam – third
    Net – four / Sah – fourth
    Tasot – five / Oh – fifth
    Yosot – six / Yuk – sixth
  • Ilgope – seven / Chil – seventh
    Yodul – eight / Pal – eighth
    Ahope – nine / Ku – ninth
    Yol – ten / Sip – tenth
    Sum Mul – twenty / E Sip – twentieth
    Soh Rhun – thirty / Sam Sip – thirtieth
    Mah Hun – forty / Sah Sip – fortieth
    Shi Hun – fifty / Oh Sip – fiftieth
    Yae Sun – sixty / Yuk Sip – sixtieth
    E Rhun – seventy / Chil Sip – seventieth
    Yoh Dtun – eighty / Pal Sip – eightieth
    Ah Hun – ninety / Ku Sip – ninetieth
    Baek – hundred / Baek – hundred

    Cho Bo Ja – Beginner
    Cho Kyo Nim – Training Instructor
    Dan (Dahn) – Black Belt
    Gup – Color Belt other than Dan (Black belt)
    Hu Bae Nim – Junior member
    Ko Dan Ja – Senior Dan Holder
    Kwan Jang Nim – Grandmaster
    Kwan Won – Student Member
    Kyo Sa Nim – Certified Instructor
    Nim – Honorable or Sir/Ma’am
    Sah Bahm Nim – Master Instructor
    Shim Sa Kwan Nim – Examiner/Judge
    Sun Bae Nim – Senior member
    Yu Dan Ja – Dan Holder
    Yu Gup Ja – Gup Holder

    Chong Dahn Kong Kyuk – Center Punch
    Chong Dahn Pahl Put Gi – Center Punch – Horse stance
    Chung Kwon – Fore Fist
    E Mah Kong Kyuk (E Mah is forehead) – Head Butt
    Hweng Jin Kong Kyuk – Side Punch – Horse Stance
    Jang Kwon – Heel of Palm
    Kap Kwon Kong Kyuk – Back Fist
    Kong Kyuk – Attack
    Kwan Soo Kong Kyuk – Spear-Hand Punch/Attack
    Kwon Do – Hammer Fist
    Ol Ya Chi Gi – Upper Cut
    Sang Dahn Kong Kyuk – High Punch
    Soo Gi Sool – Hand Techniques
    Soo Do – Knife-Hand
    Ssang Soo – Double (as in double fisted)
    Yuk Jin Kong Kyuk – Reverse Punch, back stance
    Yuk Soo Do – Ridge-Hand
    Il Chi Kwan Soo – One Finger Strike
    Ee Chi Kwan Soo – Two Finger Strike

    Ahp Cha Gi – Front Snap Kick
    Ahp Mee Ro Cha Gi – Front Push Kick
    Ahp Podo Oll Ri Gi – Front Stretch Kick
    Aneso Phakero Cha Gi – Inside / Outside Kick
    Bahl Ba Dahk Ero Mahk Gi – Sole of Foot Block
    Bahl Dwi Kup Cha Gi – Stomping Kick
    Bahl Gi Sool – Foot Techniques
    Bahl Puto Oly Gi – Front High Stretch Kick
    Cha Gi – Kick
    Dwi Cha Gi – Back Kick
    Dwi Hu Ryo Cha Gi – Back Hook Kick/Back Wheel Kick
    Dwi Tollyo Cha Gi – Spinning Back Kick
    E-Dahn Ahp Cha Gi – Jump Front Kick
    E-Dahn Cha Gi – Jump Kicking
    E-Dahn Dwi Cha Gi – Jump Spinning Back Kick
    E-Dahn Dwi Hu Ro Cha Gi – Jump Spinning Back Hook
    E-Dahn Ka Whe Cha Gi – Jump Scissor [split] Kick
    E-Dahn Tollyo Cha Gi – Jump Roundhouse Kick
    E-Dahn Yup Cha Gi – Jump Side Kick
    Hullyo Cha Gi – Sweeping Kick
    Moo Roop Cha Gi – Knee Kick
    Nehryuh Jeek Gi – Ax Kick
    Peet Cha Gi – Diagonal Inside / Outside Kick
    Phakeso Ahn Uro Cha Gi – Outside / Inside Kick
    Tollyo Cha Gi / Dullyo Cha Gi – Roundhouse Kick
    Young Bahl E-Dahn Ahp Cha Gi – Double Jump Front Kick
    Yup Cha Gi – Side Snap Kick
    Yup Hu Ryo Cha Gi – Side Hook Kick
    Yup Podo Oly Gi – Side High Stretch Kick

    Ahn Jo – Sit
    Bah Roh – Return
    Bahl Ba Ko – Change Sides
    Bahl Cha Gi Choon Bee – Ready for Kick
    Cha Ryut – Attention
    Choon Bee – Ready Position
    Choon Bee Uhn Dong – Ready for Warmup Exercises
    Chung Gee – Stop Dae Ryun – Sparring with Opponent
    Dwi Rho Tora – Turn to the Rear
    Gu Man – Temporary Stop
    Ho Sin Sool Choon Bee – Ready for Self-defense
    Il Soo Sik Choon Bee – Ready for One Step Sparring
    Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun – One Step Sparring
    Ku Gi Ba Ray – Salute the Flag
    Ku Ryung – Voice Command
    Ku Ryung E Mat Cho So – By the Count
    Ku Ryung Up Shi – Without Count
    Kyung Et – Bow
    Kyo Dae – Change / Rotate with partner
    Kyo Sa Nim Kay Kyung Et – Bow to Certified Instructor
    Muk Nyum – Meditation
    Pah Ja – Loser
    Sa Bom Nim Kay Kyung Et – Bow to Master Instructor
    Sahng Ho Kan E Kyung Et – Bow to Partner
    Sam Soo Sik Choon Bee – Ready for Three Step Sparring
    Sam Soo Sik Dae Ryun – Three Step Sparring
    Shi Johk – Begin
    Shim Sa Kwan Nim Kay Kyung Et – Bow to Judge
    Shio (“show”) – Rest / Relax
    Sung Ja – Winner
    Toh Rha – Turn

    Ahp Kup – Ball of Foot
    Bahl – Foot
    Bahl Ba Dahk – Sole of Foot
    Bahl Dtung – Instep Bahl
    Mok – Ankle
    Chook Do – Edge of Foot
    Chu Mok – Fist
    Chul Ban Kwan Soo – Open Hand Knuckles
    Dan Juhn – Lower Abdomen
    Dwi Kup – Heel of Foot
    E Mah – Forehead
    Ee Chi Kwan Soo – Two Finger Strike
    Eep – Mouth
    Hu Ri – Waist
    Il Chi Kwan Soo – One Finger Strike
    In Choong – Philtrum (between nose and mouth)
    Jang Kwan – Heel of Palm
    Jip Kye Son – Open Plier Hand
    Jung Kwon – Forefist
    Kap Kwon – Backfist
    Kho – Nose
    Ko Hwan – Groin
    Kwan Cha Nul Ee – Temple
    Kwan Soo – Spear Hand
    Kwee – Ear
    Kwon Do – Hammer Fist
    Moh Ri – Head
    Mok – Neck
    Moo Roop – Knee
    Myung Chi – Solar Plexus
    Nuhn – Eyes
    Pahl – Arm
    Pahl Koop – Elbow
    Sohn – Hand
    Son Mok – Wrist
    Soo – Open Hand
    Soo Do – Knife Hand
    Tah Ri or Dah Ri – Leg
    Tuck – Chin
    Yuk Soo Do – Ridge Hand

    Shi Jock – Start of the match
    Gu Man – Temporary stop
    Kay Sok – Resume match
    Sun Soo Eep Jang – Ordering contestants to the ring
    Sun Soo Wi Chi Jung Nee – Ordering contestants to their fixed positions
    Shi Gan – Signaling the timekeeper to take time
    Han Jum – One point
    Du Jum – Two points
    Seh Jum – Three points
    E Sang – The end of the match
    Beck – (white) or Hong (red) Soong – Victory to the red or white
    Shim Pan – Judgment
    Bee Gim – A draw
    Yon Jang Jon – Extending the time of the match
    Moo Jum – No point
    Ban Chik – Foul
    Kyong Go – Warning
    Sil Jae Deh Ryun – Contact sparring
    Gun Nun Deh Ryun – Non contact sparring
    Ja Kyok Sang Shil – Disqualified
    Boot Jap Um – Holding
    Song Ja – Winner
    Paeh Ja – Loser