Student Programs

Black Belt Elite Program:

White to Black Belt level typically takes 51-54 months to achieve IF no tests are ever missed, a rarity. In the Black Belt Elite program you SAVE with a guarantee of only forty-eight (48) payments in total from White Belt to Black Belt, regardless of how long it takes to achieve your goal! Testing, Uniforms, Federation fees extra. If it takes longer than 48 months, ALL TRAINING after 48 payments is FREE until Black Belt testing! Not sure you want to commit this long? You have 90 days (in this program only) to downgrade to a program-option below, or cancel.  After 90 days you are obligated to the remaining program payments.

 Additional Benefits

    1. Unlimited Training / Unlimited # classes per week!
    2. FREE Training after 48 months no matter how long it takes!
    3. Never an increase in your tuition AND No additional registration fees!
    4. FREE use of weight room for immediate family (in Livonia).
    5. FREE Private Group Lessons, by sign-up.  (Normally $30-$100/hour for private lessons).
    6. FREE weapons classes normally $10/class extra.  (Seminars by outside instructors are not included)
    7. FREE Opportunity to be on the demo team
    8. $10 OFF EACH Cardio Kickboxing or FREE “Get Fit” for you AND all immediate family!

Monthly Tuition & Family Discount in BLACK BELT PROGRAM ONLY:

  1. First Student in the Family pays 100% (currently $115)
  2. Second Student in the Family pays 50% (currently $57.50)
  3. Third Student in the Family pays 50% (currently $57.50)
  4. Fourth and out Student in the Family pays 25% (currently $28.75)
  5. Students do not need to begin at the same time to receive the discount rates in this program
  6. Younger siblings will still receive the discounted rate whenever they are ready to begin
  7. % discounts are based on tuition rate the day they join
  8. Registration: One fee per Family

Beginner to Intermediate/Green Belt Program (no 90-Day guarantee)

White Belt to Green Belt takes 12 months IF no tests are ever missed, a rarity.  If it takes longer than 12 months, all training after 12 payments is FREE AS LONG AS you have averaged two classes per week throughout the porgram, and continue to attend two classes per week, until you test for Green Belt!  (There are allowances for vacation, illness, medical disability, and other legitimate reasons as approved.)

Training:  Up to 3 classes per week.  No Free or Discounted classes or other perqs with this program.

Pricing:  $120 per month.  If two in family, $110 each for the months they are in the program together.  If three or more in family, $100 each for the months they are in the program together.  $50 registration per family. 

The above karate “average” pricing depends on how long it takes you to accomplish your goal, because we limit the number of payments you would ever make achieving that goal.  For instance, if you were in a 12-month program to Green Belt, after your payments are complete if you are not a Green Belt yet, you continue to train for FREE until you get there.  This is very different than all other schools that keep charging whether or not you are advancing.

3, 6, or 9 MONTH PROGRAMS:

If you prefer the programs like other schools though, we also offer a 3, 6, or 9-month program at $120 per month.  Same family discounts.  No Free or Discounted perqs. No guarantee of rank.  Training up to 2x per week.

TWO-WEEK INTRO (SPECIAL:  right now ONE FULL MONTH INSTEAD!!):  We recommend you  try a two-week trial/intro to see if our school is a good fit for you and your goals.  It’s only $49 for unlimited classes and includes your uniform (normally up to $53 including tax) so it’s a good way to check us out.  After that, the Black Belt Elite program has a 90 day guarantee, meaning at any time in the first 90 days you can downgrade, or cancel the program with no additional costs.  Also, if you register for a program within the two-week trial, even if it’s on the last day, we waive the registration fee (up to a $50 savings!)