Testing Dates

Testing registration deadline is always 8 days before testing date, for gup (under Black Belt) tests.  $25 late fee IF there is room in the test once the times/rooms/parking space/chairs/# judges have been scheduled. 

You must have a minimum 2 classes per week to be considered for testing, including Sparring/Grappling classes. 

(Some leeway for vacation and illness)

Testing Times ARE also posted on FB, and hard copies at Dojang

FEB 13, 2021 Gup Testing:
Key:  Current Rank to New Rank. START TIME, Floor (LIV)

TT  to TT Belt or Stripe  11:30 AM  TT room
TT/Dragons testing for Dragon stripe  11:30 AM  TT room
White to Yellow  10:15 AM  main floor
Yellow to Orange  9:00 AM  main floor
Orange to O/S  10:30 AM  TT room
O/S to Green  11:30 AM  mat cave
Green to G1  11:30 AM  main floor
G1 to G2  11:30 AM  main floor
G2 to Red  11:30 AM  main floor
ALL Red Belts 8:30 AM  mat cave
W, Y, O, OS, all GREENS  1:00 TO 2:00 PM
TT + DRGNs  2:00 TO 2:30 PM
all REDS  2:30 PM until done

REMINDER  If you are testing for GREEN BELT, RED BELT or BLACK BELT, remember that the color trim uniforms, very traditional, are required.         The plain white uniforms are beginners uniforms.

Just like you would get a new uniform moving from Freshman football to JV football, and again from JV to Varsity Football, this change in Rank Trim is not an option.

Please see someone at the desk to make sure we have enough time to order your uniform and have it here in time for promotions.         Thank you!

Livonia gup testings are always the 2nd Saturday in February, May, and November-in the morning.  For the August test, gup testing is during regular classes on the Monday after the 2nd Saturday, except for Red Belts and Tiny Tigers/Dragons.  Red Belt testing will be that Thursday night at 6 p.m.  Tiny Tigers/Dragons will be that Wednesday during their regular class times.  Promotions are within 1-2 weeks as announced at testing.  Make Up tests may be completed in Madison Heights if you cannot make the Livonia schedule above.  Niji Iro students typically test in December, March, and June. 

Madison Heights gup testings are always the 2nd Saturday (afternoon) in February, May, and November-in the afternoon. August test is the Monday following the 2nd Saturday:  Tigers/Dragons at 5:15. White through Orange Stripe at 5:45. Greens/Reds at 6:30. (Greens will be excused by 7:30…Reds will continue until done, at least 8:30). Make Up tests may be completed in Livonia if you cannot make the Madison Heights schedule above.  Promotions are within 1-2 weeks as announced at testing.

Black Belt testings are always the FOURTH Saturday in April and October. These usually begin at 9 am and are done anywhere from 2 to 4 pm then dinner afterwards.  

Black Belt promotions are always 22 days after the April testing (not 15 due to Mother’s Day) and 15 days after the October testing, on a Sunday and begin promptly at 4 p.m.

to download BB testing info

CLICK HERE to download Breaking Requirements for BB Testing (same as for tournaments) except no charge for wood at BB testing.