Your Belt and Uniform

Your uniform should always be clean and pressed.

Or follow these step by step instructions
1.  Find the center of your belt. Place the center of your belt across your waist, and wrap it around the back.
2.  Bring the opposite ends back around the front.
3.  Cross YOUR left over right and tuck it up through the belt around your waist. Note that it is under BOTH “layers”, not just the top one.
4.  Then cross YOUR right over left ……and take that right end through the hole and out the LEFT side.
5.  Pull both ends to finish the knot. Make sure the ends are even.

The left side of the belt is considered the “junior” side and the right the “senior” side, and is symbolic of our personal and interpersonal understanding of the Sun Beh & Wu Beh (Senior-Junior) relationship. Therefore, the opening of the knot faces the senior side, symbolic of knowledge passing from senior to junior.